Friday, October 9, 2015

Utah - Day 12

Day 12
October 8/Thursday:
An early start to the day with breakfast at one of the trail heads.  Hiking. We saw a sign for U-pick fruit within the park so we jumped at that…apples this time of year and right within the campground.  Took a look at the Capitol Reef  Campground and it looked good but we wanted a free stay and it was still early so we moved onward.  Stopped at the Gifford Farmhouse within the park where David nabbed ice cream, a big cinnamon bun, and some homemade bread to nibble on the next few days.  Actually ½ of the cinnamon bun is gone and so is the ice cream. 

Our parking spot for the night is just a couple of miles west of Capitol Reef on National Forest lands.  There were two places to choose from.  One had maybe 10 assorted camping vehicles in it so we passed it up to look at the next.  This one was more difficult to get into so we squeezed in…there were some rather deep ruts with water in them that we rerouted around.   Almost all of the folks in the first boondocking place would not have fit in here.  For now, it is all ours!

This time of year its shorts and tshirts during the day but cools down very nicely at night for good sleeping.  Mornings are crisp as well.

More Capitol Reef

Boon docking west of Capitol Reef National Park

Good morning!

The End

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