Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Day 19 - Utah and into Nevada's Great Basin National Park

Day 19:
October 15, 2015
Parowan Petroglyphs
Because Parowan Petroglyphs are on a back road, it was quiet from the moment we got there around 8:30 at night…maybe one car went by before we went to bed.  A handful of cars came through in the morning.

We took a walk to look at the petroglyphs (pecked into the rock)…an excellent display.  Down the road (to the east) were some dinosaur tracks and we backtracked to go look at them. There was not a lot of information there so in some areas we had no clue as to what we were supposed to be seeing…a little underwhelming and not very well maintained.  We probably could have spent the night there as well.

Our boon docking spot

Okay, this is supposed to be a dinosaur
foot print

Our campsite in Great Basin National Park
Drive to Great Basin National Park today and what a breathtaking scenery extravaganza it was on Utah route 130 to route 21.  Vast miles of mountain summits and deep wide valleys.  Open range country for horses (wild management) and cattle.  We saw two dead of each and since they were right next to road it was hit by vehicle and probably at night…the night sky rules here.  Would love to spend a night out here at some point.  Today we entered Nevada.
We are staying in Lower Lehman Campground at the National Park since it is the highest elevation campground that is open.  I don’t think anything much bigger than our 24/5 feet would fit in here as the trees are very close to the road.  SCRATCH THAT!  We have seen a 28-30 foot class C and 24 foot trailers whizzing by!  Good thing we got here early  because this campground is now full.  There are 11 campsites total in this campground and maybe half were occupied when we got here. Hey, this is also supposed to be the least visited National Park??? 

Aspens in our back yard AND a babbling brook. We hunted down some wood and made a nice campfire.  Lively game of polish poker.  To bed early for early rise to coax the motorhome into crawling up the mountain road to the trailhead for Wheeler Peak.  This is a no entry fee park.

The babbling brook behind our campsite

The End

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