Saturday, October 24, 2015

Day 15 - Utah Kodachrome State Park

Day 15:
Oct 11/Sun:
Campsite at Kodachrome State Park in Utah...the pleasures
of a long hot shower!
Got going pretty early this morning to enjoy the scenic drive on route 12 (hog’s back portion) stopped in BLM visitor center in Escalante, Visitor’s center in Cannonville, and on a whim decided to see if Kodachrome State Park had any openings.  They did and for $19 we are booked into a no services site.  They really need to do something about making their sites more level…have never had to build up a PAVED spot anywhere near what we had to do here.  Awesome park…did I say they have showers! 

Hiking in Kodachrome
 I am looking forward to a LONG warm hot shower (even with the push button). No army shower tonight for this girl!   Spent the day just goofing off and strolling around.  We had planned on doing the Eagles Nest hike (.25 mile and 500 feet of elevation with great views panoramic…but it was closed.  Instead we did a short 1.5 mile Grand Parade trail. 79 degrees here to day and 46 degrees at night…perfect!

Tonight’s entertainment:  night sky, campfire sprung for the $5 firewood (woohoo) and relaxing and a glass of cheap Walmart wine (oak leaf).  We know how to live..

The push button showers were adequately warm for 79 degree weather but in the morning at 46 degrees…wouldn’t work well for me.

The End

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