Drinking Water Hose Setup

The Drinking Water Hose story….
The first year we went to Florida, we kept noticing that the taste of the water was just not good…tasted plastic like. We were pretty sure it wasn’t the tank. I was bummed we were going to have to spend our carefully planned out budget on water (we have a well at home so don’t pay for water…water should be free!). Then we realized that everyone else had a WHITE hose…so we checked the camping store only to find out that there ARE hoses just for drinking water….duh!

When we bought our travel trailer it was only a year old…and looked new so we knew it was gently used. We poured several cups of bleach down the fresh water tank and let it sit for a couple of days. Drained it. Refilled it with a cup of baking soda in the water mix and let it sit
A few hours. Drain. Refill with fresh water and finally emptied ready to go out on our first trip (within a month).

Our Jayco is a 2005 so it is 8 years old. We will do the same to it. We can see the tank as it is located inside the rv and under one of the bench seats. Then we will taste test the water to make sure it tastes okay. Even though we do all this we choose to use a Brita pitcher for our drinking water (hey it cannot hurt and takes out some off flavors). If our rv was a much older model, I would most likely just drink bottled water as some of them have sat way too long and been “mistreated”.

Drinking Water Hose Set Up
When we are in a campground here is a photo of the set up David uses to provide us with the campground water. It includes a water splitter on the campground faucet, a pressure regulator water filter, hose approved for drinking water (see story above on that one!)  90 degree angle (to take pressure off the hose fitting at the RV end), hooked up to your rv, , . All this gives you a system for better tasting water and protection for your water pump (don’t need debris in there mucking things up).
This is the filter connected to the hose.
Hose connects to pressure device and then a
right angle elbow to take the stress off the rv.

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