Frugal RV Tips

Frugal tips:
I am a frugal girl…squeezing pennies is what I do. I got all of those genes in my family tree. So when we bought our trailer (we also have a 2005 class C that we just bought). I realized that one of the ways we could save money would be to use an existing single burner hot plate/stove. Since up until now we mostly used campgrounds, this worked well for us….using the campground's electric and not our propane. David made a butcher block cover to go over the trailer’s burners and we would sit the single burner on that. A couple of years ago we purchased a Waring DB60 Portable Double Burner hotplate/stove so now we are cooking times two…a nice solid improvement. We still have the single burner as back up. For heating our 20 foot trailer If the temps were consistently going to be in the 30’s/40’s and we were at a campground (state parks mostly),We use an electric heater Holmes HFH111T-U Desktop Heater Fan with Comfort Control Thermostat I would use two of them. Two heaters may depend on how many amp circuit you have in your campsite. We have also used the heat-on-the-wall propane to boost the heat faster for the little ceramic heater on those really cold nights.

OTHER RV TIPS…some learned the hard way….
To keep your shower looking nice for a LONG time, wipe it down with a towel after use and you Won’t have to bring out nasty chemicals and spend your valuable time cleaning it. It takes one or two minutes now.
Keep a quarters jar for laundry.
Buy those tire covers to help prolong the life of your tires…or better yet store it inside.

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