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David and I have both embraced having a Kindle in our hot little hands.  It is so convenient to let the book be read to us as we drive down the road.  Apparently, not all books can be "text to speech" as we have found out.  On the one occasion that I decided to read the book aloud...I missed some scenery!  Won't do that again and my lips were tired too!   Also, it doesn't appear that all Kindles are equipped with a headphone jack which enables us to plug into the AUX input on our motorhome stereo.  Friends of ours are unable to do this while riding down the road.

We download FREE Kindle books from our library and from other places.  Amazon also has some...just google free kindle books.  Now you might not get the latest and hottest books but you get enjoyable books while you are tooling down the road.

My one comment is that there is still NOTHING like flipping pages in a book and being able to quickly flip back to look at something...something I have not mastered in a Kindle and it is probably just me...or not!

We consider this little purchase a wise investment in neverending books to "read".  Every motorhome should have a Kindle in its book rack and they take up so much less space.

There are quite a few different kind of Kindle/Amazon Ereaders these days and Barnes & Noble has their Nook Ereader.  We got one with Ads and they are a bit cheaper and I don't really notice the ads.
So buy new (see link below) or buy used but buy won't be disappointed.

Kindle, 6" E Ink Display, Wi-Fi - Includes Special Offers (Black)

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