Thursday, October 3, 2013

Wild West 2013 begins but we have to rewrite it

Day 1 - 4
Due to Obummer closing down OUR national parks, we are being forced to rewrite our trip.  Even though both of us are planners, we both didn't think that our government would let it come to this but they are too busy pointing fingers to get any work done...too busy spending our hard earned money on the wrong things.

We left NY on Sunday night and arrived in Glenwood Springs, CO last night, Wednesday.  The first night was spent one hour from home (late start and we were both very tired from getting up early to do a show) at the Pennsylvania welcome center on route 84.  The next night was spent in Walmart in Morris, IL.  The following night was spent in the Walmart in Lexington, NE.   We asked to stay at all Walmarts except the one in Lexington as that already had 6 rv's and LOTS of trucks in their parking lot.   All were quiet nights (oddly as Walmart doesn't always offer that for free).

The ride out was uneventful and although it was something I was not looking forward to (thinking of lots of trucks and cars) it was pleasant enough.  The trucks in the west are actually courteous and there weren't nearly that many cars.  I grew up and have lived in the northeast all my life so that is where I was coming from.  Our 24/25 foot Jayco class C handled the passing trucks with ease (compared to our working van/trailer combo which sways with each pass). 

PA offered us up glorious fall colors, Ohio gave us lots of corn fields (glad to do Chicago at 8:30 pm and not during the day), Illinois more corn, Indiana a glorious red sunset, Iowa fields of grain/corn, Nebraska flat as a pancake with interesting hills LOTS of cows getting ready to be hamburgers, Colorado BIG mountains, mountain passes, mountain roads, canyons, hot springs and OHHHHH the brilliant gold fall colors of the Aspens.

So we are busy, busy rewriting our plans to include NO national parks, some state parks but they are mostly booked up....lots of boondocking, and finding other things to see....stay tuned.

No pictures yet and there is not going to be one of me in a swimsuit in the hot springs, Glenwood:)

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