Friday, October 18, 2013

Day 20: Zion National Park hiking Angel's Landing

View of Angels Landing from below
October 18, 2013

Today's hike was Angel's Landing.  Lots of a parade going up the hike....up, up, up.

Views of Angels Landing

We went for the shuttle bus around 10:30...just barely making the bus with standing room only left for us. They are double buses/buses with trailer bus. 

Looking down from Angels Landing
They were packed to capacity.  A few people got off here and there along the way and the buses emptied out at the trailhead where we got off.  Lots of switchbacks.

Top of Angels Landing
 Uphill pretty much the whole way.  Lots of scrambling with chain aids.  Lots of people...a parade.  Dramatic 360 degree views from high up in canyon.  All three of us thought it was a good hike but would have been happier with less people...go REALLY early. 

Pano from Angels Landing
View from Angels Landing

Views Below

David & Graham...Graham is not taller than David

Graham and Melissa

Path to Angel's Landing first switchbacks

more Angels Landing


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