Sunday, October 27, 2013

Day 29: Spencer Hot Springs/NV to Death Valley National Park

Stokes Castle
Sunday, Oct 27

As planned, today we left Spencer Hot Springs…much to David’s disappointment.  I had to drag him out of the cattle tub!  We had a brief soak just before we left.  Ours was the coolest pool so it was not as hot as I would have liked on a 35 degree morning but perfect for most other times for me.   Four nights was enough soaking and lazing around.  I did manage to get him to take a walk each day.

Sift for mine

I wanted to see Austin so we made a brief trip to Austin and had breakfast at Toiyabe Café.  It was tastey to me as my current gluten free vegan diet lacks in some ways.  So what did I have?  Bacon, eggs, hash browns, and whole wheat toast with butter (a supreme rarity in my life)…delicious and back to normal tomorrow.  We did a  brief stop to see Stokes Castle in Austin as well.  This "castle" was built by Anson Phelps Stokes in 1897.  It was only occupied for briefly and not even for a year. 

Interesting train entries in Goldfield
We then headed south on route 376 to Tonopah to take advantage of some services. 

Gas, veggies, and finally got wifi at the Library.  Our mifi was not getting much of a signal in town (anywhere in town and I can tell you we drove all over town seeking a good signal).   

We also stopped in Goldfield, NV to take some photos of this quasi-ghost town with some really neat old time vehicles, buildings, etc.  I purchased some cabochons for making jewelry from Hidden Treasures/rock shop in town.

David thought this could be renovated into a NICE rv....

When we left this a.m. we weren’t sure where we would end up spending the night.  The main requirement would be that it be free and it be far from the coming rain/snow that was to come (depending on elevation). 

 Death Valley probably wouldn’t be free as they have paid campgrounds and we had no research on this.  So we settled on route 267 in Nevada and just before entry into California/Death Valley National Park…a pull off really on this lightly travelled road as the sun was setting.  It served its purpose but it was windy as could be.  It was rather scenic as well.

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