Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Day 18: Coral Pink Sand Dunes SP to St. George/Hurricane UT

Weds, Oct 16

This was a cold morning.  39 degrees outside and 40 inside when I woke up.  We only use the heat when it gets really cold and we didn’t know it was going to be this cold.  I woke up cold.  Tonight I will nab the extra blanket.

We took off fairly early to get to St. George/Hurricane UT area.  Part of our ride today was on a dirt road.  We did talk to the park ranger to ask about it and he said he uses it regularly and it would be okay for our vehicle.  It was a reasonable road with only a minor bit of washboarding.  This is the same road we took south from Coral Pink Sand Dunes SP.

A stop was made at the Walmart in Hurricane to scope it out for possible overnight stay.  Next we made stops at Camping World, Gas, Walmart in St. George to shop and scope that Walmart out for a possible stay overnight.  In the end we decided to go back to Hurricane to stay the night as it would be more quiet.  We also got haircuts at Walmart.

Mine was very interesting.  I went in with curly/wavy hair and came out with a do that was VERY straight…see goofy picture.  I can guarantee my hair will never look like that again, ever!  I have no clue what it will do tomorrow when the waves start springing up at will…  Laundry day. 
Cell and Mifi reception was fine here at Walmart.

No picture day!

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