Friday, October 11, 2013

Day 13 - Heading south from Dead Horse State Park, UT to Needles Overlook

Friday, Oct 11

rock art along potash road
Bug out day…We left beautiful Dead Horse State Park early to head south a bit.  Route 279/potash road was our place to first explore.  We were treated to rock art (petroglyphs and pictographs).

Are they doodles?  Are they graffiti?

 I intend to use some of those symbols to make myself a piece of jewelry (necklace I think).  Long canyon was a nice quiet place to walk when it seemed that every other place we looked at was family day.  We took photos of Jug Handle Arch on the way out. 

symbols of the past

 Steep, steep canyon with terra cotta colored walls…gorgeous! 

The final place we chose to look at was Corona arch.  The walk in was 1.5 miles and the scenery was worth every step. 

rock art
Two places had wire cables to hold onto and one short ladder.  The treat/entertainment at the

End was the crazy people that were swinging off the arch!!!!  There was a sign at the bottom saying that rope swinging from the arch is prohibited…hmmmm, they didn’t get that memo. 

dinosaur tacks on potash road

There were five people lined up to jump while we were there and we saw two of them.  I saw it on youtube before we left.  Nice hike!


Long Canyon off Potash road


Potash road leads to the salt and potash/fertilizer mines.  You could see the blue dyed drying ponds in our Dead Horse State Park pictures.  All of the above attractions were down this road.


Jug Handle Arch
Next our rv took us to Moab.  There we reprovisioned, got gas, and water.  Our water was free; we asked the gas station were we intended to get gas if we could take on some water. 

The trail to Corona Arch
 Yes, so we filled up gas and water.  If it would have been no, we would have moved on.

Walking to Corona Arch

The second arch right next to Corona Arch
On the way to down the Needles Outlook road, David stopped and clicked some pictures at Wilson Arch.  It is right off the road (route 191) so if you are really lazy you could just snap it from your car! 


Corona on picture to see the person swinging.

We were hoping that we could overnight at Needles Outlook…which looks over the Needles section of Canyonlands National Park. 

Awesome views
Since there was no one there, we did.  Quiet and we will have an outstanding view when we get up in the morning!  What more can you ask for?


By the way, the governer of Utah is paying for the National Park in Utah to be opened tomorrow and for the next 10 days.  Whoopie…we will get to use our reservations for Zion. We got a rebate on Arches…next time that will again be on our list.
Walking from Corona Arch
Wilson Arch viewable from road south of Moab

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