How to Clean your rv sinks

Cleaning White sinks:
Our first trip in our trailer was a four month trip to Florida and almost immediately I noticed the kitchen sink was not going to be easy to keep clean. I did not want to use bleach as sometimes we were closed up in rv with air conditioning on and I didn’t want to be sniffing bleach or putting bleach in our tanks. Bleach also didn’t work all that well for the times I attempted to clean the sink. My first attempt was using lemon juice which after letting it sit for maybe 30 minutes…did an adequate job but still they didn’t look as good as I wanted. Requests on rv forums came up with nothing useful. So I asked my friend Debbie (who loves to clean) and she recommended Clorox Clean Up Cleaner with Bleach. I sprayed it on and in about 5 - 10 minutes the sink was clean (at first the stains went darker)…a good soaping and it was done. I even used paper towels to wipe out the cleaner and took them to the dumpster so I wouldn't have to sniff it and the cleaner wouldn’t go down the tanks. The odor is not as harsh as full bleach. My sinks looked like new…problem solved!

Cleaning Stainless Steel Sinks:
Cleaning stainless steel sinks is easy. I use my standard dishwashing liquid (Palmolive but anything works) and a 3m green pad. Squirt on some dish liquid and gently scrub IN THE DIRECTION OF THE METAL GRAIN To prevent scratches. Go over the whole think well and rinse…that’ s it…if you missed a spot redo it and you are done. Looks great! This is also what I use to clean my stainless steel pots and pans and they look fabulous after many years.

Let me know if these work for you if you have anything else that works for you!

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