Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Day 18: Maine and HOME!

Thurs, October 16, 2014
Chilling in Maine
Since it was raining out with no let up in sight we discussed not going into Acadia…cruise ships were a factor also.  We’ve been many places that would rank much higher that are not a National Park and do not have busloads or boatloads of people.  David had been there before

First there was one, then two...
Anyway.  Off we went…to the LLbean store in Freeport, Maine!    When I googled factory store for LLbean, I got the address of the outlet store in Freeport.  David had been there before…about 30+ years ago but after doing our shopping, he KNEW this was not where he’d been before.  By the way I scored a nice thick fleece RED jacket in my new size small for $39.99.  David googled again and found the retail store (gigantic show store with pretty much nothing on sale but a racks of summer things that I had no interest in)…nothing was purchased there as we pretty much have it all and they were not giving anything away.  Impressive store though!

Line 'em up!
Next stop…home.   We have completed our investigation of the Gaspe’ peninsula, coastal New Brunswick, PEI, and coastal Maine.  The fall colors were pretty much brilliant all over for the days we were gone…very nice!  We thought we would be gone a month and even though the weather held, our travels ended sooner than guestimated...just because.  We saw everything we wanted to see and drove a lot.