Removing dead bugs from front of rv

On a recent trip while driving from NY to the west, we were picking up a lot of dead bugs on the front of our rv.  We made an honest attempt to clean some of each time we stopped for gas but really it was futile; we just accumulated more to add to our collection of road kill bugs.

I tried bug cleaner and that didn't work so well and cost more and just had to carry something more.
Then someone suggested fabric softener dryer sheets.  That didn't work well enough.  So here is what
worked for me.

Disposable gloves (optional but recommended because you are going to us the heck out of that dryer sheet and you will be wearing a slurry of dead bugs and fabric softener on your hands).
ANY fabric softener sheet (I used walmart's cheap brand)
Wet rag

Don the gloves, dampen the fabric softener sheet and get to work rubbing off the dead bugs; some may take a bit more rubbing but it is still a quick job.  When you are satisfied with a section, wipe it down with the wet rag.  When the wet rags gets grungy, rinse it out and reuse it.

After the rv is all completed and the dry, we like to use wax to rejuvenate those areas.  Use your favorite brand or just a quick spray on.  This will help to keep the next crop of dead bugs from sticking as well.

Let me know how this works for you!  It is not my quick fix for dead bug removal!

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