Monday, October 7, 2013

Day 9: On the move in Utah

Mon, Oct 7: Day 9

Sego Canyon Pictographs
We bugged out early this a.m. just after sunrise….a magnificent one at that.  There were a lot of things we had to do today…errands…some requiring internet access and mifi didn’t work at BLM area by Goblin Valley State Park.  Green River was the biggest town around so they got all of our business today.   We stopped to use our Utah Park Pass in Green River State Park…getting water, trash removal.


Sego Canyon Petroglyphs
Next stop the rock art in Sego Canyon and the ghost town further up that road.  Rock art was nice-- petroglyphs and pictographs in one area.  The ghost town was disappointing.  About 72 degrees today…didn’t expect shorts weather here.

more pictographs
With night coming on, we were not successful in procuring a dispersed free camping site on the road to Canyonlands.  There were some really rude folks that seemed to think they had to space out their trailer, atv, and truck so no one could park next to them.  Camping in this area is in demand with the Fed parks closed so this person was being a real %&#@.

Ghost town
All spots seemed to be taken or the road got a little too rough.   Fed up, we didn’t even take route 313 up to Canyondlands…had to find somewhere for the night to park.  Exploring dirt roads in the dark was not hot on my list.  Overnight in the parking/kiosk area corner of route 313 and 191.
days gone by
what is left of the general store
On the road to Canyonlands and Dead Horse SP
old mine
closed blm campground/Horsethief


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