Saturday, October 26, 2013

Day 28: Spencer Hot Springs

David spotted these elusive mules about 2 miles off
Saturday, Oct 26

A quiet night last night after moving away from donkey hot spring.    We didn’t hear a heehaw from them all night and believe me we would have because they are LOUD!

Early morning we drove back up to the hot spring for some soaking.  It was 31 degrees this a.m. when we woke up…no internet or cell here…only text via Verizon.  Our cooler hot tub was just making it warm enough…just.  Pancake breakfast and off to do some walking…find those darn donkeys to see where they are hanging out.

Views during our donkey hunt
After walking a mile or so, David saw two mules off in the distance and those are the only two we saw…but at least we found someJ  Happy to have completed my mission we hit the hot springs again....a common theme.  We are leaving  the hot tubs tomorrow.  As if 31 degrees is not cold enough at night, some snow is predicted for the passes and I don’t intend to be anywhere near the snow…heading west and then south.

For slumber time, we moved the rv about 200 feet away from the hot springs/donkey drinking bar.  They obviously approved of our location because they were pretty quiet and no loud bursts of HEE HAW right by our motorhome.

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