Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Day 25: Pioche, NV to Spencer Hot Springs

One of MANY mountain ranges in Nevada

Wednesday, Oct 23

Today our rv travels took us from Pioche, Nevada through Ely and Eureka to Spencer Hot Springs southeast of Austin, Nv.



Windmill farm enroute to Spencer Hot Springs
Our overnight stay in Pioche “park” was relatively quiet until I heard a barking dog way off in the distance around 2 am.  He didn’t bark long but still.  He had been barking earlier in the evening as well.  The people in the other rv eventually turned off their generator as well.  There are only ten sites with water and dump at Site.  Not sure what my donation will be yet.



hiking to Hickison Petroglyphs
We arrived in the afternoon at Spencer Hot Springs and scoped out the spring pools.  This spring is at the end of a 5.5 mile gravel road and then on a dirt road for 1 mile.  Before even getting on the gravel road you are 12 miles from Austin (listed as a semi-ghost town but I wouldn't consider it that) and even longer from Eureka or two hours drive to Tonopah...pretty much out in the middle of nowhere.  You can see the spring area from the road as it is in a valley.  The pools are dotted on the hillside and not right next to each other although 1 source feeds three of them and the high pool is on its on spring source. 

Hickison Petroglyphs
 Since it was roughly 72 degrees outside, I chose to wait until the evening when it cooled down some to get into a pool that is around 101 degrees…and not all the way  in as that is too hot for me.There were 3 other cars there and with four pools to choose from we had one all to ourselves tonight.    The added bonus was that Nevada is night sky territory!  With no population light glow to interfere, the night stars rule!  The last big treat was when I heard a loud noise come from up the hill; before my brain had a chance to register what it was, David blurted out, “Donkeys”…wild burros to be exact.  We haven’t seen any but have seen lots of foot prints and donkey poo.  So a good time was had by all.  (Looking back I should add I was soon not going to like that sound.)

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