Friday, October 25, 2013

Day 27: Spencer Hot Springs

Friday, Oct 25

Donkeys from hell!

Prime camping spot with a vew
We only heard one donkey heehawing it up from our camping spot down below the night before.   Now I didn’t really think there was only one but we decided to go camp up at the top.  JUST as I laid my head down to sleep, last night, it began.  A LOUD hee-haw-hee haw and it sound like it was right outside my window!  Now some of them, start softly and work up to full volume.  Then there are some that start right out with full volume.  No less than five times during my 8 hours of “sleep” did I hear one of those blasted donkey hee-hawing it up!  They would run off if we shined the light on them.  The mules were another story...stubborn asses just looked at us…until we waved at them and made noise.  We only did that twice and then let them have their water…because the overflow is their water source and I won’t begrudge them water in this harsh environment.   I am not sure if their honking was because we were there in their space and they wanted to let us know or we just didn’t hear them the night before (although I find that hard to believe).
The bigger picture

Our very own Koi pond
At dusk I began watching for the arrival of the heehaws.  Before we relocated our rv away from them and just before dark, I saw one lone donkey making his way in.  He saw me or heard me (big ears dontcha know) and stood like a statue and then disappeared from view.  We moved down to the other area (about ¼ mile away for the night) which would ensure a quiet night’s sleep…lesson learned.
There will be no donkey/wild burrow pictures because you know what they look like and they only come out at night!

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