Sunday, October 13, 2013

Day 15: Natural Bridges National Monument

October 13 - Day 15

Newspaper Rock Petroglyphs
Today we made our way from Canyonlands National Park/Needles down to Gooseneck State Park.  Another time we will spend more time in Canyonlands.    
Kachina Bridge
David wanted to see Natural Bridges National Monument so we made a detour there and took the lazy way. The 9 mile drive to view their three natural bridges…we got out long enough to ooh and ah then on to the next.  Fabulous area.  Stopped in the campground (vehicles no larger than 26 feet and no water at campground but at vistor’s center only) to check it out but weren’t ready to stop yet.  Nice place.

Sipapu Bridge
We stopped in Blanding on a Sunday hoping to visit a hardware store and maybe some groceries. Well in this town everything was shut up tight due to it being Sunday.  It has been a long time since I’ve been anywhere that closes on Sunday.


Owachomo Bridge
We arrived at Gooseneck State Park just as the sun was setting.  Dinner and relaxing.  Saw the big cloud in the distance but hey its not supposed to rain or anything.  Lay down to sleep and boom came some rain and a LOT of whistling wind and shaking motorhome.  Tried to block out the whistling wind with cotton balls in my ears but not to be.  Several hours later when it finally stopped, I fell asleep.

Butler Wash Ruins

We also stopped at Butler Wash Ruins as we drove from Natural Bridges National Monument towards route 191.  It was a mere one mile round trip walk.  You could not get close to them but
they were decent ruins and not reconstructed like Mule Canyon which we also went to before.

Butler Wash Ruins

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