Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Day 21 - Illipah Reservoir, NV

Day 21:
October 17, 2015
Illipah Reservoir on Nevada's route 50 - our overnight
The space we selected to camp in last night in the dark was for wind protection (and a quiet night’s sleep from things clanging around) so this morning we moved down to the reservoir to have a look and check out the campsite options. 

 We are using our Mr. Buddy heater and David’s refilled propane canisters for heat each morning (unless we get going early and use the cab heat). An odd cloudy day in Nevada.Our short walk took us past the reservoir. We found the horses and cattle that were on the highway signs busy eating grasses at the reservoir.  I heard coyotes singing several times last night way off in the distance.  It started to drizzle, we turned around and made it just back to the rv before the sky opened up for a period of heavy rain.

Illipah pano

Notice WHOSE public lands these are!

Cute hugh!  David wanted this picture.

Land rainbow

The End

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