Saturday, October 24, 2015

Day 14 Utah

Day 14:
October 10/Sat:
The cows sounded off during the night but it wasn’t loud because they were never that close.  It was COLD last night but I don’t know how cold…need to buy a new indoor/outdoor thermometer.

David's good morning hike
David went off to hike deer creek; I wasn’t ready to go.  I stayed and got some meals cooked….my version of fast food.

Upper Calf Creek Falls hike...down, down, down
Took a drive on Burr Road (scenic drive/very south of Boulder) to look at possible camping spot…was already occupied by too many people so out we went further west towards Bryce.  Put it on my list for next time.    Stopped at Farmers Market in Boulder, UT.  Drive to Upper Calf Creek Falls hiking this afternoon…recommended by hikers at  Deer Creek…1.1 miles of down steep slip rock and then up, up back up it…nice views.   Overnight in Escalante National Monument…again our boondocking spot is all ours!  I strive to make each free overnight boondocking spot as awe inspiring as possible. Walmarts when we are commuting out west do not count.
Upper calf creek falls

The End

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