Saturday, October 24, 2015

Day 18 - Cedar Breaks National Monument

Day 18:
Oct 14, 2015:
Red Canyon
When we got up this a.m. we weren’t quite sure what our route would be.  Since we knew we did really want to see Cedar Breaks National Monument that jelled our route.   This brought us through more of Dixie National Forest (love it).
We went through Red Canyon and decided next time to spend a night at the campground there.  There were numerous forest roads that we will next time explore (perhaps with a tow car/toad)  after a visit to one of their offices for best places for us to get into for free dispersed camping.  AND there is hardly anyone on route 143 and route 148 and in Cedar Breaks. We stopped at Panguich Lake for a short stroll and breakfast.  This georgeous scenery is all ours!  No Tour buses, one or two rental motorhomes.  Loving this!

Cedar Breaks hiking
We did one hike in Cedar Breaks (Alpine Pond) that was 2.2 miles and at an elevation of 10,460 feet worth of elevation…quite a difference for this girl from a few hundred feet above sea level (NY).  I was sucking oxygen a bit on that one but it was still enjoyable.  We had intended to do more except for the husband/wife  whom David struck up a conversation with whom just couldn’t stop talking.  I am not exaggerating here when I say she talked nonstop and it was hard to get a word in.  David had been “listening” for 15 minutes when I arrived.  I quickly realized that she was not going to quit…on and on and on.  I told him not to talk to strangers!  Finally we said we had to go and get our laundry done in Cedar City and didn’t let her say another word except good bye.  So I missed out on a hike…  He was driving rather fast after that…hoping they wouldn’t catch up.

Off to Cedar City and long downhill from Cedar Breaks….the kind that you need to put your rv in low for so your brakes don’t fry.  Cedar City brought civilization, grocery shopping, laundry, propane, gas, WIFI (woohoo) and tomorrow we will dump our tanks and refill on water.

After all those errands, it was getting dark and we weren’t going to make our intended night stop before dark.  We also did not want to overnight in the Walmart parking lot (too noisy).  So off we went anyway and after an error or two, we found our spot at Parowan Gap Petroglyphs.  Yes, we were the only ones there…again.  I think because it wasn’t JUST off I-15.  Can’t wait to see the petroglyphs in the light of morning.

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