Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Day 27 - Nevada

Day 27:
Friday, October 23

Shoe Tree on RT 50

Back to civilization and that means grocery shopping, gas fill up before California$$, Cell phone service (aside from texting when it was possible, not much service on that highway 50 in Nevada)…errand day.  Fresh Water procured in Bob Scott Campground just east of Austin; we both liked this campground but didn’t spend the $10 to stay there even though no one was there.  Put it on the next time list to camp under the Ponderosa pines (not sure what they were).
Tonight’s overnight was supposed to be at Walmart in Fallon but when we got there and saw how noisy it was, we both wanted to get out of there ASAP and find somewhere else to stay.  We did quick shopping and were off to find a free place to dump our tanks.  Yerington, NV provided us with two possible free places to dump and we chose one.  Thank you Yerington for being RV friendly.  There was also a rest area there that we could have stayed and probably wouldn’t have had any truckers (they were in a lot across the street).  Their grocery store Solaris had a nice produce and meat selection.  Prices were reasonable (chicken was cheaper than walmart).

 We opted to find some place more quiet and hopefully scenic.  Wilson Canyon Trailhead provided us with scenic and quiet on lightly travelled route 208 in Nevada.


Few photos for this day...it is move day.

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