Friday, June 10, 2016

Day 35 - Snowmobile path to Snowshoe trail head - Baie Verte Peninsula, NL Canada

Day 35/June 7, 2016 – Snowmobile path to Snowshoe trailhead – Baie Verte Peninsula

Stopped in BaieVerte to get internet and try the visitor information center (closed).  First stop was Coachman’s cove to see their bread oven and hike their French Island trail…a nice walk out to the point of reasonable length (not a short ½ mile but not 10 either). We saw very fresh moose scat twice on the trail…made me think he was going to b sitting at a picnic bench at the end smoking a cigarette.  We did notice that he used and liked the boardwalks, trail but seemed to avoid the steep steps.  The French influence was discovered in 2000 when excavating nearby French Island; they found pottery from Normandy.

I think I can ALMOST say there is an iceberg in every cove?  Coachman’s Cove had 5 of varying sizes and plenty of bergy bits.  I had to stop David from taking more iceberg pictures…really!
The leaves began to pop about a week ago in some areas and are just starting up here in the north.  A bazillion colors of greens and my favorite time of year.

Fleur De Lys
Our next stop was Fleur De Lys…a serious fishing town.  We walked the Ocean view trail (easy and one mile, steps, boardwalks)…nice views along the way.  Then we stopped at the Dorset Soapstone Museum which was closed but we walk the Spotted Point Trail (5 miles RT) which gave us some pretty amazing views and a couple more massive icebergs to admire. 

Dorset Soapstone Museum
The Dorset Soapstone Quarry preserves evidence of Paleo Eskimo carvings (vessels) dating bay 1600 years.  The blanks were right next to the trail and there were many of them in a small area right behind the Interpretive Center.  Basically they rough carved these rounded blocks out of the soapstone rock and then removed them to make their vessels.  Rather interesting.

Our overnight parking site tonight is a snowshoe trailhead because it was getting late and we needed to eat so the touring had to end.  No walk because the trails assumed frozen ground (walk across a pond) and they were overgrown.

Views on our hike

Views on our hike

More icebergs...just couldn't avoid them this year

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