Thursday, June 2, 2016

Day 27 - Southern Bay, NL to Trinity East to somewhere north of Gander, NL

Skerwink Trail hike
Day 27/May 30, 2016 Southern Bay, NL to Trinity East/Skerwink Trail to somewhere north of Gander, NL At 8:05 am this morning we were out on the trail. The weather was a cool 41 degrees but SUNNY. An impressive hike with views of sea stacks and seabirds. As luck would have it, we went at the right time. As we walked we could see in the distance that this bank of fog was rolling in. We had no idea it would roll in so fast but by time we were back at the motorhome it was pretty thick. Perfect timing! We only saw 5 people on this world famous trail…not bad. Seven cars in the parking lot when we returned. Distance: 3.18 miles of calm stroll, steep steps, and boardwalks…benches along the way. It took us 2 hours and we stopped often for photos. As you look at the photos think of the smells you are missing (spruce and balsam) and listen to the cacophony of sounds of all the seabirds that are nesting and hunting. The photos will not do it justice. During the hike David spied a lighthouse that he had to visit in the nearby harbor of Trinity…so we were off to go find it.

  Our first attempt landed us in a dead end… The second route got us there on a 4km or 2.4 mile gravel road (with some pot holes, narrower areas, and enough up and down to keep it interesting and make you think it is longer than 4km). The sun continued to shine and the fog bank came and went…life is good. We went on to explore Old and New Bonaventure at roads end. Really no room to park for us so we left. Found a rather large iceberg in Trouty and the closest one yet; David was thrilled. Off to Gander for: more veggies, gas up, David to change the oil in Walmart parking lot/he brought supplies to do it as it cost $75 to have someone do it last time (oil was pricey too) and not everyone could do it because we wouldn’t fit on the lift. We are headed to Fogo Island to hike and see artists in residence work. Overnight parking in a resource lot/wood lot on route 330 somewhere…not very scenic but compared to a campground it is very…a nice view of birch and spruce.

Fort Plain Lighthouse that David had to go see...

Skerwink Trail Fog Bank rolling in

Farmed mussels

More Skerwink Trail

Town of Trinity

A garden in Trinity

Church in Trinity

Fort Plain Lighthouse

Another berg we spotted and it was big

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