Friday, June 3, 2016

Day 30 - Fogo Island

Day 30/June 2, 2016  Fogo Island

Waterman's Brook Trail
The iceberg out in the cove had shrunk a bit overnight.

We left the Tilting area of Fogo Island to hike the Waterman’s Brook Trail today after breakfast/5 miles…no one else on the trail.  A lovely trail hiked on a cool, windy day with the sun a blazing…45 degrees today. The smell-o-meter would have told you that we were walking amongst the balsam and spruce trees…a feast for the senses.

Waterman's Brook Trail views

Next hike was Brimstone Head trail…not even a mile but up quite a few
steps with an awesome view of water and icebergs and the town of Fogo. 
While hiking we met up with a couple from Toronto who happened to mention the long lines to leave Fogo which we did notice absentmindedly when we came over.  I also remembered reading that people drive their car to the ferry line and turn it off and leave it to hold their place. 

Stacks of Icebergs/Waterman's Brook Trail
 We didn’t experience that last time…just went on.  The Toronto couple told us that there is only one ferry running right now which we didn’t know.   Instead of doing another hike (we were going to leave in the morning), we elected to go and see what the “line” was like. 

Waterfall at end of Waterman's Brook Trail
 A rough count of waiting cars in front of us tells us about 25 cars, a few trucks, a cargo trailer/truck, and one rv trailer.  There are more assorted vehicles behind us.  The Ferry might fit 29 cars…the small ferry that is running.  We are playing “the Fogo Ferry game”…wait in line until we get a spot on the ferry going to Farewell, NL.  Next ferry 6:30 pm.

Come 7 pm the ferry loaded without us and left. The good news is we will fit on tomorrow’s first boat and we will park overnight in line and “camp”.  There are some behind us who will not make the first boat.
There was a couple a few cars ahead of us who also didn’t make it. 
Views from Brimstone Head Trail..pretty awesome!

 They had given up their B&B reservation thinking they would get on the ferry. They walked to the hotel that is right outside our door to get a room; the only room they had left was $160 for a kitchenette.  They declined.  Hotel reoffered at $140.  They declined and walked.  They decided to sleep in their car and were a little older than us (Toronto).  My first response was good for you!  My second response to David was…  If you ever pull that crap on me, you will be sleeping in the car and I will be happily sleeping in the hotelJ  They were staying at B&B’s so I doubt there were any blankets in the car and it was 35 degrees last night…need I say more?  They also could have called for a pick up and had another B&B take them to lodgings.  There were a few others that stayed overnight in their cars in the back of us.

Brimstone Head views

Evening activities:  walk the very short distance to the dock to see exactly when we have to roll onto the ferry.  Cooking dinner in line.

Brimstone Head views

Here is the story that goes with the area by the waterfall at the end of Waterman's Brook Trail on Fogo Island.
Before the roads (and it wasn't that long ago really...roughly 1960's) when a community (not connected by roads remember) would have a "social", the people of Fogo town would walk the 3 miles to the end of the trail (near waterfall) and light a signal fire.  Then the people of Deep Cove would send a boat over and pick them up to attend the social.  Didn't say if they stayed over and reversed the order of things for the way back.

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