Monday, May 9, 2016

Day 4 - Cape Split to Hampton Harbor Beach

Day 4/May 7, 2016:  Hampton Harbor Beach/Wharf ONP

Heard coyotes last night. 

Ferns growing on tree = tree art!
We both did the 10 mile Cape Split hike…second time for David.  Great views at the end and we walked mostly in forest. 
 Trail kind of wet.  The SUN shone on us today…

was beginning to think Nova Scotia didn’t do sun.  I was bushed by the end and David was fried after day two…a gentle up and down meander.  LOTS of people because it was a Saturday…luckily we were on the way back when most where streaming in.  A pleasant walk.  The reward at the end is a meadow with seaviews and tides a flowing.
The reward at the end of the hike

Where will we spend the night tonight…aiming for a lighthouse?  Hampton Harbor lighthouse Wharf and Beach it is.

Lots of little wildflowers

Weekend hikers!

Low Tide at Hampton Harbor

Our scenic digs at Hampton Harbor, NS

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