Saturday, May 28, 2016

Day 23 - Little Catalina, NL to Burin Peninsula

Murphy's Cove trail
Day 23/May 26, 2016 Little Catalina, NL to Burin Peninsula It rained hard last night for hours. I am thinking that the trail will be one soggy mess to walk on… The next 8 days the night temps which have hovered around 42-49 degrees F are going to plummet to 35-39 degrees. Here comes the camping part! Motorhomes do not retail heat well at all. Propane to fill up our internal propane tank (not the bbq sized ones) is hard to find in NL. So far we only know of two places in which we can do this in all of Newfoundland…still researching….

We are smarter this time and we have a bbq sized tank that can be filled in many more places in NL and we use that to refill our coleman canister sized tanks to run our Mr. Buddy heater that will heat our house. Hopefully all will work out fine. The internal propane will run our refrigerator, hot water heater (which is only on 25 minutes before we take showers). Today we hiked the Murphy’s Cover to Lodge Pond Trail in Port Union, NL. Of course, there is no one else on it. A brisk 49 degrees and we both enjoyed the 4.8 mile trail. With the heavy rain last night, there were parts of the trail that were wet but we managed. There were plenty of boardwalks and steps constructed along the way to help manage wet and steep parts (thank you Port Union). Scenery was in the trees and also followed the coastline. We saw a fair amount of moose scat but no actual moose. By the time we got back we both had pretty wet feet despite trying not to get them wet. Our drive today took us down the Burin Peninsula towards Marystown. We didn’t make it that far because it was getting dark and that is moose time…don’t need any of them jumping out in front of us! Pulled into a roadside parking lot by a pond to park for the night. Newfoundland is thick with ponds; a mosquitos delight.

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