Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Day 12 - Chezzetcook, NS to Mary Joseph, NS

Day 12/May 15, 2016  Chezzetcook, NS to Mary Joseph, NS

Got up and left early as it was very foggy.  We were on the hunt to find internet (usually easy enough) and to heat up the rv.
We headed to Taylor Head Provincial Park to do some hiking…aiming to do the four hikes in the park in two days.  Off we go on the Spry Bay trail that would connect with Headland trail for a total of 7 miles.  Within 15 minutes we realized just how wet/boggy/muddy it was going to be but really wanted to get a good walk in so we continued.  The scenery and trail would have been great but the walking conditions were wet…from standing water to stream to bog to thick mud. 

We had to pick our way from rock to rock or stick to stick or side trail for a good 30% of the time; it was not an easy walk solely because of that.  When we reached the part where we would head off to the next trail we decided that wasn’t going to happen.  Then we walked the beach trail in dense fog…pretty! As we got back to the motorhome it began to rain…a good choice we made.  Only saw 4 other people on the trail but maybe 10 cars were there for a Sunday and opening day.

Our selections for overnight parking both turned out to not work.  This left us with whatever we found along the way.  Not to worry it was about 3 pm at that point and with darkness falling around 9pm we had lots of time to find something.  David spotted a “picnic park/roadside little park” and we settled in there for the night overlooking the Atlantic Ocean.


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