Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Day 59: Safford AZ to Caballo Lake State Park NM

Day 59: Nov 26 Tuesday

Got neighbors yesterday, I guess we were due…inconsiderate ones.  Up rolled a big toy hauler and since this is ATV area, you know what’s coming.  Out rolled three 4 wheelers, on went the generator (they are pretty close to us, next site but there is plenty of open land around us) which stayed on until 8 pm, and the ATV’s sat there for a good hour while they set up…just running!  Then the riding began and the revving up began…good thing it turns light early and they arrived late.   At 4:45 AM on went the generator again; I was awake but this just did me in.  To think I was going to wait until 6 am to turn our generator on out of consideration (which meant I couldn’t get up until then as it was 35 degrees in camper).  32 degrees outside upon waking.  Oh, well at least we had a pleasant (but cold) few days of peace.  We are leaving today anyway…after a soak, of course.  Hot Tub Man would have it no other way.


Route:  From Safford Az to Caballo Lake State Park NM.  Route 70 east into NM Lordsburg to Deming via route 10.  North on 180 to 26 to Hatch NM (Chili capitol) and north on route 25 to Caballo Lake State Park.

This route was mostly scenic with lots of open country HUGE dairy farms (never seen so many cows in one place as out west) passed some cotton fields.  Hatch is the self-proclaimed chili capitol with many places selling dried chilis.  Chilis where hanging everywhere and some were drying on roofs and on tarps on the ground.  If I knew what to do with them I would have bought some.


Today was errand day…buy the extra quilt for David.  Food shopping.  There are quite a few rv’s on the roads today perhaps for Thanksgiving coming.  The campground electric sites are almost all full but we managed to get one despite arriving at dusk.  There is a little bit of snow on the ground here and there leftover from a recent snowstorm which we thankfully missed.  At $14 per night with electric Caballo Lake State Park is a sweet deal:)

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