Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Day 38: Tuesday, November 5, 2013 Exploring Lake Mead

Creepy turrantula
Day 38/Nov 5 Tuesday:  Lake Mead

Today was our day to explore Lake Mead.  We had no research on it so we just took it as it came.  Along the way we hoped to find a place to camp for free (maybe difficult since this is a Federal park).

Lake Mead in all its glory
Just as neat as Utah
I don't like spiders and David has told me numerous times on this trip, "I just saw a big spider". I didn't believe him.  So today he stopped kind of suddenly and said, "Spider".  Okay, show me, I shoot back!
We both leave the rv with camera and find him.  So here is my tarantula  picture!


Our awesome sights today
Our route around Lake Mead
We pulled in and took a drive around all four of the campgrounds on our route.  Any of them  would be fine to camp in (a whopping $10) but we weren’t ready to stop for the day and we needed to be closer to Valley of Fire State Park for Wednesay.  This drive of approximately 40 miles didn’t hold any high expectations from me although  Lake Mead is beautiful.   There was some awesome mountain views of red stone (Navajo Sandstone), Volcanic rock and limestone.


One of our walks today with rv dot in background/note the hiking crocs
More red rocks...gotta love them!

Another walk

Antelope, I think

Our boondocking site tonight

Love those red rocks

At the end of the day we found free camping in Stewart Point along Lake Mead.  Great Views and only one other van here.  4G service via Verizon and our cell phone works.

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