Friday, November 22, 2013

Day 55: Arizona - Hot Well Dunes

Day 55: Nov 22, Friday

Rained during the night and early morning…only the second time during this trip.

After checking for any washouts in our part of the camping area, off we drove.  No problems driving out.  With more rain coming today (if the weather dude gets it right) and tomorrow,

We made a quick decision as to where to stay the night tonight.  Our “schedule” was rearranged.

We stopped at The Produce Wagon just outside of the Chochise Stronghold camping area and on the main road.  Their sign advertised FRESH PRODUCE so I was there.  As it turns out, they did have some fresh produce (very and some not so much) AND the also had bulk packaged natural foods (like organic dried beans, spices, flours, etc).  I got some more beans, some spices and FRESH spinach.

Our drive took us back on route 10 going east (we’re still in AZ) then route 191 north to Safford and from Safford  east and south to Hot Wells Dunes, a blm area with two hot springs.  After picking up a few things in Safford Walmart, we headed down the long paved road to the springs.  Nice to have a paved road especially since more rain is here.  After a bit of futzing around we found the springs and secured a site in view of the tubs…perfect.  There was just time for a dip in the hot springs.   Solar energy runs the pump so when the sun is gone for the day so is the incoming hot water (and in fact a few inches of water gets sucked out when the pump is done for the day).  We waited for the water to get sucked out.  GREAT…just what my back needed.

Since rain is coming, we will probably be here a couple of days.  David loves hot springs so this is his treat!

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