Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Day 39: Valley of Fire State Park, NV

Valley of Fire State Park, NV
Day 39/Nov 6 Wednesday:

Nice sunrise coming over the mountains of Lake Mead.  A very quiet night after the wind died down.


Valley of Fire State Park, NV.  I thought the $10 entrance fee a bit steep but after we saw the park we were fine with it.  This is not a large state park but for the scenic factor it gets a 10 out of 10.  We did every hike in the park during this one day; they are short, very short. 

In and out of motorhome all day bopping to everything.  I would say this is a must see park if you are remotely near vegas.  The colors of the rock (think multicolored sandstone) put Death Valley’s Artist drive to shame.  I am so glad we decided to come visit this park; we almost didn’t because we knew the hikes were short.  So put this on your list!

The cabins
I don't have a picture of them but the Antelope ground squirrels are VERY cute.  They look like a chipmunk but with personality.    I saw one kind of approaching us with a hungry look/begger look and ran to the rv to get some pepitas/pumpkin seeds.  They were part of my initial diet but they are NASTY but organic and no salted.  Clearly, others have fed him so he was working the cute part.  I threw him a handful of pepitas and he was a very happy fellow....shoving them into his mouth and wisking them away to chew on them.   Yeah, I know I shouldn't feed the wildlife.


Seven Sisters
Valley of Fire also has some neat petroglyphs…near Atlatla campground and on the way to Mouse’s Tank.  This park was also Nevada’s first state park.

The Rainbow

I Love Petroglyphs...rock art!


This rock was full of prehistoric doodles

Before we left we wanted to take a look at the campgrounds.  It will set you back $30 to camp here and if you want electric ad $10 more ($10 entry fee, $20 basic camping, $10 electric for rv’s)…which is pricey in my book for camping!

Layers of colors
We chose to boondock west of the park on one of the BLM gravel roads just a few miles before route 15.  There is a truck stop when you get to route 15 but we knew it wouldn't be quiet.

I usually dump the tanks in our rv or trailer.  Somehow I got the job when I bought a LARGE box of disposable gloves that didn't fit David...drat. 

 Anyway, tonight I had my first OOOOPS.  I always make sure
that two of the buttons are slid into their spot on the dump tube (stinky slinky) but I am here to tell you that I should double check that the bottom part is also locked in before I let her rip.  SOOOOO, we had a bit of leakage of the poop tank onto the tube and on the cement slab.  

Hiking white domes

 Luckily, I usually let only a little bit go before I pull the lever out full blast.  I quickly fixed it.  THIS IS A REALLY GOOD REASON TO WEAR GLOVES.
I often see people NOT wearing gloves when they dump (ewwwww!)   The leakage was easily washed into the dump tank with the hose.   PHEWWW...that won't happen again. 


White domes hike
Thursday - Sunday we will be at Graham's again so the blog will be quiet for awhile.

so colorful...
rock doodles

Dinosaur tracks

Sun is setting...time to find a place to overnight

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