Sunday, November 24, 2013

Day 57: More Hot Well Dunes

Scenic but cold and rainy

Day 57: Nov 24 Sunday

Cold spell!  When I awoke this morning it was 37 degrees inside and 38 outside…coldest yet.

Well that called for a dip in the hot spring but first it had to fill up…so around 10:30 we hopped in.


I think we were in it for about 1.5 hours (I am never this lazy). 

After lunch I ran around and took some quick photos and it was cold soooooooo….we had to go

In the hot tub again….for about 2 hours…chatting away.  Before you know it dinner time arrived

And that day was gone.  Again we shut the tubs down…meaning until the solar pump stopped pumping in the hot water and before they magically emptied.

One of two tubs
Below freezing tonight and a whimpy house battery.  Running generator as needed.  Cabinet doors open to hot water heater and plumbing (where possible).

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