Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Day 53: West side of Dragoon Mountains, AZ

Colors of sunset were fabulous
Day 53:  Nov 20, Wednesday

A very quiet night’s sleep last night (heard a few coyotes before bed) and woke up to a fabulous sunrise coming over the Dragoon mountains.  Peeked out and saw a border patrol truck go by (all the way out here)…so I stopped them when they were coming back and asked them if we were okay out here.  

That was a yes.  I asked them if they ever caught anybody out here and they said no. (They were young.)  So I go inside and tell David what they said.  HE tells me that when he was here maybe eight years ago with Graham, they HAD seen them with caught illegals down the dirt road on the way out!!!!!  Good he told me that now…..I might not have slept.  Actually it is not the illegals that I am worried about.  It would be that we were in the wrong place at the wrong time for illegal drug activity.  We are maybe 50 miles from Mexican boarder and 50 miles is not that far.


Our house battery appears to be slowly dying.  (This is the battery that doesn’t run the engine but the “house” things like fan in refrigerator control, lights, water pump, etc.)  We will make it home with it but then replace it with three batteries; David will need to weld something in order to fit them all.  We go to bed with that battery full and by morning it is down 1/3.  And when I run the morning heat, that makes it very low at times.


A short walk in morning to take some photos…including OUR herd of cattle.
Sunrise was not too shabby either


Today our rv took us to…Tombstone for a visit (sorry no pictures).  The cameraman didn’t take any and either did I. Nice little tourist town and I had hoped they would have retained some of the wild west flavor and it did not disappoint me.  David had the world’s most expensive frozen self serve yogurt there at $10 for a cup; un chaperoned he picked the biggest cup…after all yogurt is healthy right?  Are the m&m’s  and chips he put on it healthy?


From Tombstone, we took Davis Road to route 191 to spend the night in Cochise Stronghold area.

Davis road was an unexpectedly nice ride even thought it wasn’t designated as a scenic route…fields of gold and just a few houses towards the end.  It was in a valley that was surrounded by mountain ranges.
The road into Cochise Stronghold was a bit rough once you got into the national forest but we made it…just as it was turning dark.

Quiet and peaceful just us and our heard of cows

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