Sunday, November 17, 2013

Day 50: Sunday, November 17 Arizona (Kofa, Yuma, Painted Rocks)

Day 50:  Sun, Nov 17


We left Kofa Wildlife Preserve today and headed towards Yuma.  Along the way we took some more cactus pictures.   


YUMA veggies - collards to be exact
Before we even made it to Yuma, I was mesmerized by fields of greens (think veggies).  I thought for sure I was in OZ.  From the Farm, a farmstand north of Yuma caught my eye and we stopped there.  No greens in this stand yet but we did try a DATE SHAKE which was fabulous!!!!!  It is vanilla ice cream with pulverized dates blended in.  I don’t even like dates but this was good, excellent.  I eyed some lemons but they were green so I asked when they would be ripe.  The lady behind the counter told me that they are ripe now and oftentimes yellow lemons are gassed to speed up the process…..ugh!  I bought some to slice up, freeze and put in green smoothies.


After the farmstand and seeing all those fields of greens, we thought Yuma was going to be a place to stay.  However it was not to be; we like rural and this was pretty much a big town with everything anyone could want shoppingwise.  We are not here to shop but to enjoy some serious boondock camping.  So after a trip to Walmart we left. Ironically, this Walmart had the worst wally vegetables that I have seen.  How does that happen where there are fields of collards, lettuce, etc.  Off to find some too hang out. 

Interestingly, there MANY rv's heading west towards...YUMA! An amazing is filling up fast!   Glad we are going to miss it.

Fish hook cactus
The night ended in Painted Rock Campground west of Gila, AZ.  This is a BLM campground $8.00, what a deal.  Our cell phones work, our mifi works well…perfect!  Honestly we did try to find a free BLM spot down the road here but there are none to speak of…tribal lands (which I do not begrudge but it was not on the Benchmark maps as tribal lands but blm lands).  Quiet and peaceful.
Interesting sightings today:  a few HUGE cattle feedlots with accompanying odor,

Lovely GREEN fields of luscious growing green things (I miss trees and green of NY)…kind of tired of brown.

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