Sunday, June 16, 2013

DAY 28 La Scie to Deer Lake

June 16, 2013
No picture day…photographer said there wasn’t anything to take pictures of and he was busy driving.

I arose to sunshine this morning which was short lived…a quick storm blew in and brought with it some high winds…it rained some more…the sun shone…the winds continued.   So we rearranged our plans

For the day.  Probably we should have just stayed another night in La Scie but we were already driving when the winds appeared.  So after taking two little roads, we decided to head towards Gros Morne.  Intending to position ourselves for hiking tomorrow morning.  However, the winds proved rather troublesome for our motorhome…we were getting blown around too much.  As soon as we hit the TCH,

I noticed a V IC (visitors information center ) and David noticed the chip truck (translation: French fry mobile food truck) so we stopped and shared some fresh cut chips and ice cream.  We needed to wait until some of that wind subsided.  Travelling at 40 miles per hour on the back roads with very, very few cars not too much of a problem.  However, travelling at 60 mph with the frequent appearance of vehicles who wish to pass in high winds is not fun.  The TCH is mostly one lane in each direction with frequent passing lanes for slower vehicles like us.

I will have to keep David away from the chip truck for the next hours…

After biding our time for about two hours, the wind seemed to be slowing down a bit.  So we get on the TCH and discover that maybe we were wrong it is still pretty gusty.  As I said before, there are not a lot of places to stop on the TCH but we looked for a place to call home for the night to just get off the road and away from the gusts.  Just as we found a place the wind cut down enough for us to continue.  We spent the night in the Deer Lake Visitor Information Center with wifiJ 

We still have only seen 4 moose…no more since those first days although we don’t drive at night.


Remember my surprise to see the Moose warning/reminder signs on Fogo Island.  Here is my story on that.  I had remarked to David that the silhouette of the moose on the signs in mainland Newfoundland needed work (longer legs and something about the head area bugged me…hey I am an artist).  So we get to Fogo Island and it is dusk, I see the sign immediately upon arrival, I am surprised they are on Fogo Island.  So we spent three nights on Fogo Island.  The second day I remarked, “I think the Fogo Islander’s draw a better moose…much better.”  The third day after careful examination (by a girl from NJ/living in NY) and after seeing CARIBOU while hiking and no moose, I realize that, DUH, those are caribou warning signs.  So it is caribou for the record….no moose warning signs. 

Remark read on another blog by a motorcyclist we ran into in Newfoundland…."saw my first moose, I didn’t know they came in white!"   Hahahahahahahhhhhaaa…now I thought that was funny.

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