Monday, June 3, 2013

DAY 15 Southern Bay to Landfall Municipal Park/ Cape Bonavista, NL.

View of King's Cove

June 3, 2013

Awoke to another crisp morning 38 degrees.  Rained last night, raining this a.m.  But hey we are warm!  We are prepared with rain gear.


View from Lighthouse Trail

King's cove Lighthouse
King’s Cove to walk the Lighthouse trail…snapped some photos in King’s Cove.


View from Lighthouse

Stopped in Bonavista to snap some photos (rain had stopped) and had a delicious lunch at Neil’s Yard (vegetarian or more wholesome bent….so no fresh cut fries and fried food here).  Buckwheat crepes (lunch and dessert crepes…I used to work at a crepe restaurant) and cheesecake or Blueberry crumble.   Thank you, Neil (a very nice guy from the UK/Kenya) for being open in early June to service us a fine repast.  Lovely little shop (especially if you like teas) with crafts from Newfoundland also.  We are finding that some places are not open yet…which is a small price to pay for having the place all to ourselves (almost).

Bonavista Harbor

Cape Bonavista

Bonavista is a somewhat picturesque town (hey, I’ve been to England, Ireland, Scotland, Norway so I’ve seen picturesque villages)….some nice older architecture here.  Fishing industry here…neat harbor.

Cape Bonavista

Our night’s lodgings are in a town park called Landfall Municipal Park.   When you think of town or municipal park, you think of the local ball field….not so, not so.  This simple but awesome park sits next to the lighthouse in Cape Bonavista in Newfoundland on a little strip of land looking out into the waters of Conception Bay and beyond is the Atlantic Ocean.  There are no amenities but the fabulous views of the rugged rocks and turbulent teal waters speak for themselves.  We are the ONLY people overnighting here…fabulous!    Cost: free = priceless!  View rating: 10 (out of 10)  Let the pictures do the talking! 

Our rv at Cape Bonavista

Took a several walks out from our overnight spot to walk around the cliffs and watch the teal blue waters smash the rocks below.  Simply lovely.  Temp a cool 48 degrees and a dank cold…bundled up.  More than nice to have a somewhat warmer “home” to come back to (56 degrees INSIDE currently as the temps go down but I can say the heat is coming on shortly…low on propane and they don’t sell it in this town because the tank blew up a few years ago and no one wanted to replace it).  So we are on propane rations!  Propane runs our refrigerator, stove, our heat for water, and heat to warm our motorhome when we are not plugged in – like now and most of the time.   


Cape Bonasvista views
I can hear the fog horn sounding in the background and the waves pounding.  At this writing the fog is thick, good thing we got some pics before the thick stuff rolled in.

Cape Bonavista views

Driving we did today…. Southern Bay to Landfall Municipal Park/ Cape Bonavista, NL.

Bonavista Lighthouse

Did I mention the people of Newfoundland are very friendly and helpful?



Cape Bonavista walking

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