Sunday, June 9, 2013

DAY 21 Clarenville to Newtown

Business Pond trail in Valleyfield
June 9, 2013
Well it rained and rained from the time we landed at the Clarenville Visitor’s Center last night until noon or so today….consistent driving rain.


Newtown Harbor

We drove from Clarenville to Newtown today.


Newtown - Barbour Village
The ride from Gambo to Valleyfield was nondescript.  But Valleyfield had a trail we could walk.  A nice trail called Business Pond Walking Trail.  It was on boardwalks around a pond (a nice sized pond).  It felt good to get a decent walk in…my back was hurting to sit so much.  I am not a sitter! 


Newtown - very picturesque
From New-Wes-Valley on 320 there was a little offshoot of a road that took us by Valleyfield and Brookfield, Wesleyville, Pound Cove, and finally landed us in Newtown.  This proved to be an excellent choice…finally some picturesque towns with older buildings and not ranch houses!  The shoreline was low lying rocks (not cliffs) and clearly fishing (crabbing/lobstering was still done in these towns) on a small scale at least.  We took pictures along the way. We stopped in Newtown and walked all around to see if there was a place we could park our motorhome (remember it is a 24 foot class C). 

 We had all but given up when we happened across a little area that said “Visitor’s Parking” and it had a water spigot (we didn’t use it for drinking but toilet flushing), picnic tables, AND a dump station!!!!!  So that is where we parked it and of course, we were the only ones there.  It is right around by the Barbour Living Heritage Village (not opened at this time although the Traveller’s Guide said it was).  Took lots of pictures here!

Newtown, NL

By the time bedtime rolled around and it was pretty much dark (10 pm), thick fog had rolled in.



views of Newtown

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