Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Day 24 Fogo to Tilting

walk to Payne's Ponds
June 12, 2013
No service on our Canadian cell phone…which has been the case a lot of the time (Bell).  We surely picked the wrong phone carrier and go to the wrong places…lol!



It was 47 degrees inside this a.m./42 outside!!  I was cold sleeping last night.  Woke to a rather thick fog.  We elected to drag our feet a little so we could see more.

Panoramic from the lookout

That line up Fogo Head is steps
When we arrived in the town of Fogo, it was a sunny day!  We chose a hike just before town.  It was to Payne’s Ponds…we had no idea of how long this was going to be so we just turned around at Payne’s Ponds.  We could have gone much further.  There were other hikes by the water that we wanted to do.

crystal clear waters
Guestimate of miles maybe 4 miles for this hike.  The next hike was Fogo Head and it was fabulous…right on the water, lots and lots of steps, awesome views, and a beach to poke around on.  David elected to add on Middle Head and we met at the bottom at our RV.  Oh, and I won the race down even with poking around on the beach some.  We saw around 1,000 sea urchins that the sea birds had picked up and eaten (the insides). Next we moved over to Brimstone Head where David hiked that little one and I took a nap!  I know how to live!  That was it for hikes for the day. 


more flora
We were off to Tilting, the community with Irish roots.  On the way we ran across Nicole’s Café and it was dinner time.  Guess where we had dinner!  It was on my list of things to do.  She asked if we had reservations???  David only saw three reservations on the list but it took her a minute to figure out where she could put us.  There are about 14 tables and three were taken when we arrived and two more arrived while we were there.  So, if you want a table by the window, make a reservationJ  Aside from that, the meal was pricey but delicious…well prepared, well thought out, etc.  I had cod and it wasn’t battered and friedJ on a bed of cabbage/corn/tomato mixture…with a jam on top…great mix of flavors.  David had chicken and enjoyed it well.  We shared a brownie sundae dessertJ 

going up Fogo Head
We arrived in Tilting as the sun was beginning to set…took some photos, walked the beach, asked where we could park, and found a dump station with water (just like in Fogo town).  So nice of them to consider our needs.  EVERYONE has been very friendly and accommodating to us.  We selected a spot in a little park with picnic tables just before town.  We were the only ones here until a truck camper pulled in late.  We are right on the beach with water views.


Our hike for tomorrow Turpin Trail is right out outside our door.

We are finding that if you want freshly prepared foods in Newfoundland that are being dumped into the deep fryer, you need to do research and ask! I would eat at Nicole's a few more times next time and make a reservation! 
Middle head views

a distant iceberg

Joe Batt's Arm, NL

Joe Batt's Arm, NL

our camping spot in Tilting

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