Tuesday, June 11, 2013

DAY 23 Dildo Run to Fogo island

Hiking at Long Point Lighthouse near Twillingate
June 11, 2013
Awoke to 52 degrees inside and 44 degrees outside…crank up the heat!

You can see the trails

We rv'd the ½ mile to the shower rooms to get an….almost warm shower but in fact, it was pretty poor…couldn’t torture myself to wash my hair.  Our stop also held the dump station and water for toilet flushing.  There is still enough fresh water in our tank (that doesn’t need to be boiled for five minutes before use).  While there, met a couple that lives about ½ hour north of us in the catskills…saw the NY plates in a campsite a few over from us (must have come in later) as we were driving to the shower rooms.  The world is small.  AND it turns out that the same gentlemen had left home on the same day we did and took the same ferry over to Newfoundland as we did.

our walk at Sandy Cove

Today we are exploring the Twilingate area…let’s see what we findJ


Looking down at Sandy Cove
We stopped by the Foodland store nearby to see what they had in the way of fresh veggies (instead of frozen).  Well, I was quite impressed with what they had in the veggie department.  Of course, prices were higher than I would pay at home but I expect that. Some purchases were made.  David snuck in a bag of potato chips when I wasn’t lookingJ   I strolled by the meat department and found that they had some steaks that would work well on the grill and they were only $6.00 for the meal.  A fine meal will be had tonight…the steaks are marinating now.

Sandy Cove
Our motorhome drove us up to the Crow Head Lighthouse where we looked for whales (nope) and icebergs (nope,but MAYBE in the far distance there might have been one but we couldn’t say for sure).  We had a nice walk to Sandy Cove and Lower Head…only saw one other couple coming back from walking on the trails.  Spent a few hours walking and taking pictures.  A quick rain happened and chased us back from our initial start of the walk. 



David cooked the steak for our dinner at a little park/pullover in Durrell (by Twillingate) with a picnic table for our grill.  I whipped up some panfried potatoes (using just a smidgeon of Olive oil) with onions/garlic.  At that time, we decided to not stay the night in Twillingate as we had done the hikes we wanted to do and seen the museum.  So off we drove.  We went down a few smaller roads off the main road to check out what there was to see. 



Wind blown trees and hair
our hike
Soon we decided to head towards Farewell to see about the ferry to Fogo Island tomorrow.  As luck would have it, there was one more ferry tonight at 8:30 pm (1.5 hour wait…not bad) so we decided to go for it.  It was sunny and cool and not too choppy.  Forty-five minutes ferry ride got us to Fogo Island.  We were the only rv on the ferry plus one tractor trailer and maybe 10 cars at most.  There is a pattern here about us being the only campers!  I thought we would be able to drive farther tonight, however, as soon as we got off the ferry there was a MOOSE sign.  I was thinking they wouldn’t be here.  Anyway with darkness looming and lapping at our tails, within a couple of miles we found a scenic little spot next to Stag Harbor Pond to park for the night.  We have some hikes planned for tomorrowJ


Ferry to Fogo

The round trip ferry cost us $25. and we can stop at Change Island on the way back with no additional cost…so we will do that.  $25 is a great value for our ferrying our 24 foot motorhome over to Fogo Island and possibly to Change Island.

We look forward to exploringing FOGO Island come first light...well maybe not that early...



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