Friday, June 14, 2013

DAY 26 Farewell to Green Bay

June 14
Today is a no picture day as the photographer has a day off.
We were going to hike the Lion’s Den hike but it was looking too much like rain so we opted to go find another hike on another part of Fogo Island.  As it turns out we had some misinformation and there are no hikes in Island Harbor.  Actually, Island Harbor is pretty much untouched as there really isn’t anything there for travelers…only a post office, convenience store.  So we decided to catch the ferry.  First it was going to be Change Island but we were concerned about finding propane and an oil change.  Tomorrow, a Saturday might be questionable in finding those two things open.  We had done most of the hikes we wanted to do in Fogo so we opted to leave Change Island for another time and bolt to Gander to get our oil changed and top off the propane as we think about heading towards Labrador.

Ferry from Fogo Island to Farewell.  We also heard that it can be difficult to get off the island and we didn’t know what the weekend brings (more people leaving or what?) for the Fogo to Farewell ferry.  We both liked Fogo Island a lot.  I could have eaten at Nicole’s many more times but my wallet really wouldn’t have liked that.

Gander…we tried to top off our propane tanks before heading towards the northern peninsula and Labrador but again it was not to be.  The only place in Gander was having difficulties with their propane meter so they weren’t selling right now.  This REALLY shouldn’t be that difficult!!!  So he suggested the next big town west…which we will try after we are done with all other errands.  Then, we aimed for getting our oil changed.  Tried Walmart which works for autos but they couldn’t handle the size of our 24 foot class C.  We tried two other places and then a third.  The third changed our oil.  Next time we would just bring the stuff to do it ourselves as it was at least twice the price of having it done at home (although oil/filters are higher priced here).

Found propane in Grand Falls (exit 17 on the TCH) and said the reason why the gas stations are not selling propane is this.  When the gas stations became franchisees, they would have had to pay about $30,000 to participate in propane…so they said, no thank you.  We will probably have to get propane one more time…we will keep looking.  It is not a problem if you just want to switch out a tank but if you want a fill with your existing built in tank…good luck!  A removeable tank is also okay….sometimes.

We have now begun to see other RV’s here (like from places other than Newfoundland)….so I guess it is the official opening of tourist season!  Weekends have been pretty much busier for campgrounds.  Of course, now where near what July and August bring.

Driving from Farewell to Green Bay (near Springdale)….aiming for the baie verte peninsula.  We decided to overnight in the tourist information center in Green Bay (near Springdale) as it was flat and available.  The other option was to find something along route 410 and that was less certain.

We needed more toilet flushing water and didn’t wish to use the precious fresh water tank because with boondocking it is hard to find fresh water that doesn’t need to be boiled.  David thinks that because they are using wells, the government wants the water to be treated or boiled….so they put the boil ban on.  It was raining so I brought out the Tupperware and conveniently placed it to catch water from the rv and to catch roof runoff from the visitors info center (no gutters).  In maybe ½ hour, I had 2 gallons worth and it fulfilled our needs and gave me something to do…David just laughed at me…ha!

So not all of our overnight rv camping spots in Newfoundland are scenic but when available they are.  It is nice to just be able to go where we wish and just pull over somewhere when we are done for the night or pull over to make dinner and then go onward some more.


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