Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Miscou Island exploration - Day 8 & 9

Miscue Island Lighthouse

October 6:  Up early to find some fresh veggies/gas up/dump tanks and off down the coast...a fine sunny day.  Our night ended at dusk at the lighthouse on Miscou Island.  Stopped to get some corn/beets/tomatoes from an Acadian chap on the roadside…good score. 

 We were, of course, the only people here…technically it is closed.  Gorgeous sunset.   We realized today that we need to set the clocks ahead one hour for New Brunswick which in theory doesn’t really matter to us as we have no schedule. 

Sunrise at Miscou Lighthouse

Peat Bog interpretive trail...brilliant reds and wild berries

October 7:  Donna got up to see the sunrise this a.m…nice!  We took a walk on the beach and I cooked some things for my gluten free menu (unfortunately there is no fast food for me).

Off to explore more of Miscou Island…Miscou Beach, the peat bog interpretive trail on boardwalk, and Wilson Point.  Return for an overnight at Miscou Lighthouse as it seemed like the best place. 
A Canadadream rental rv unit joined us at dusk. 


  1. Yeah, timing was perfect and pure dumb luck and the fact that we don't like traveling during the ON season with everyone else.