Friday, October 20, 2017

Day 19 - October 20, 2017: Outside of Kodachrome State park BLM lands

Day 19 – Friday, October 20, 2017: 

Got up early and drove to our next destination. Some ass decided he would drive by our overnight parking spot on blm land and beep horn at 6am. I was awake and now David was so we moved. We are parked on BLM land just outside of Kodachrome State Parkin Utah. We have been to the state park before but we have not stayed on the BLM lands.

There are others here spaced around the area on different off shoot roads. We will be here for a few days taking the jeep on dirt roads to explore and do some hiking and slot canyons. This morning I am making pizza before we explore…made the gluten free dough yesterday. Put enough stuff on top and you don’t know it isn’t wheat.

Grosvenor Arch
Took a jeep ride on Cottonwood Canyon Road to Grosvenor Arch and walked around there a bit. Exploring around our BLM lands free camping area on Cottonwood Canyon Road. Watching the sun set and rain come in. A windy gusty night amongst the Pinion Pine trees.
This is our first year with a toad and we are loving it. Getting our brand new Jeep
Wrangler dirty and seeing what she will do.

Me and my girl!

Our boon docking spot nestled in the pinion pines

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