Tuesday, May 28, 2013

DAY 9 Ferry from North Sydney

Waiting at the ferry dock
May 28, 2013

Breakfast, showers and off to the ferry with our grab bag of stuff to do on ferry from North Sydney to Port Aux Basques, Newfoundland.  I can vouch it gets light at about 4:30 am…we are ahead of NY time by an hour now and once we set foot on Newfoundland soil it will be 1.5 hours.  The light begins to fade around 9 pm.


It was cold this a.m.  I woke up to 48 degrees in the living area but with a heater boost we got the temperature up to a balmy 72 degrees in the living area quickly.  We have a quilt clipped up to hang from the overhead bunk to block out light, keep heat in the living part…don’t want to heat the cab.  So the temp in the driving area was 58 degrees while we enjoyed 72 degrees.  I highly recommend this cheap "mod/modification" when you are travelling in colder weather.

First look at The Rock/Newfoundland

We probably waited a couple of hours to move our motorhome into the bowels of the ferry but you have to check in early and do your wait in line. It was kind of interesting to watch the goings on of loading the ferry  up.  Lots of tractor trailer trucks with and without the cab part.  We met some nice folks while waiting in line…the only other travelers at that time.  One or two more rv’s were to show up later.)  They were from British Columbia so we had a nice chat with them in line and on the boat.


For maybe half of the six hour ferry ride the sun shined on us…the other half was kind of foggy.  Welcome to Newfoundland!  The ride wasn’t too choppy but a bit when you got up to walk around.  We elected to eat a nice dinner on board rather than carry on snacks.  $38.00 got us a nice meal.  Newfoundland kind of reminds me of Ireland or parts of Scotland in some ways the terrain is similar and rocky like Ireland although more trees here.  Free wifi on the boatJ

Grand Codroy RV Park/snow on the mountains
We were going to overnight for free somewhere but the overnight temps were going to be as low as 37 degrees and at the time I didn’t know what the temps were going to be the next morning/day…a trucker had mentioned snow too.  I wanted options if we got any snow as we are not set up for snow and we are new to this rv.  We didn't know how well it would perform in colder weather...how warm it would be inside..would it freeze easily? So we are nestled in the Grand Codroy Rv Camping Park…not far into Newfoundland.  $30 got us a full hook up.  We had to find some place to stay before anything close to dark…mooseland!  The heater is cranking, the shower rooms are actually HEATED…love it thank you.

I can see some leftover snow off in the distance...aren't rv adventures grand!  So far travelling in Newfoundland in our motorhome is proving to be fabulous.

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