Tuesday, May 21, 2013

DAY 2 Into Canada We Go

May 21, 2013

Today our rv drove us from Beddington, ME to Cape Enrage Nature Preserve, NB. Before taking off we had breakfast at the Airline Snack Bar. We elected to do the border crossing in Calais, ME…not too many people know about that border crossing. When you hit International Ave…go straight into Calais. No wait…only us. They did have two customs folks go and look into our class C rv…I really think they were bored with nothing to do. They didn’t bother us about having some salad makings in the refrigerator (I told them about them) which I was really surprised at. Then off we went.

We had a longer than anticipated stop in Saint John. We really tried hard to get a cell phone here but it was not to be…two walmarts and several cell phone stores later we were leaving Saint John. We did have an successful hit on the TD Canada Bank ATM. I was not convinced that getting money from the ATM was going to be so easy;
Overlook at Fundy National Park/Alma beach

 I was sure that we were not going to be able to take out the $740US (daily max) that we were told the ATM would give us. Surprise! It was easy and the cash machine had enough to supply us. Got some veggies at store called No Fills (www.nofrills.ca) and their prices were very similar to Aldi’s in states. Since coming home from Florida at the end of April, we have had the luck to experience SPRING many times over…New York, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and now Canada.

Alma Beach at lowest tide

  Along with Autumn, Spring is my favorite time of year…dots of a bazillion colors of green, rust, whites, pinks…color my world. I love it when they are not yet fully developed leaves. If I was a painter they would all be colorful dots on tree trunks. We are loving having the highways pretty much to ourselves with only a car here and there. Next stop Fundy National Park…where we took a few pictures but elected not to get a campground there. Alma Beach!

High and Dry boats at Alma Beach

Our home at Cape Enrage Nature preserve

  We just happened to hit it at low tide and we got to walk about ¼ mile out from land on the now waterless beach. David took lots of pictures before the tide slowly began to come in. Now we had to find a place to overnight…as in free! We took route 114 which will take us to Hopewell Rocks tomorrow. On a whim we decided to take a small road towards Cape Enrage…route 915. We were hoping to find a place to overnight on this road…didn’t have a clue as to what we would find. There were some houses and then we found our spot…right on the beach. Cape Enrage Nature Preserve… One side was salt marsh and the other side of the road was a very rocky beach…no sand…just rounded rocks.

That speck is our private rv campsite
  Only two cars went by the whole night we were there and we thought that was a lot! Did I mention the road was rather up and down and ziggy zaggy…low gear in some spots…our 24 foot class C/Chevy engine did well on this but not sure I would recommend it for a class A or towing something big or fifthwheel…would need a fair amount of pep up some hills…thankfully we had enough power. Walk on the all rock beach and explore.

Cape Enrage Light House
It was a long day of driving in our rv but I lived through it.  Our rv is performing nicely...remember this is the maiden voyage (for us) of our motorhome.

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