Friday, May 24, 2013

DAY 5: Five Islands, NS to Cape Breton Highlands National Park

Mike's Landing in Judique
May 24, 2013

Today our rv adventures took us from Five Islands, NS to Cheticamp Campground in Cape Breton Highlands National Park…with stops it took us most of the day (food shopping, money getting, Rv parts, etc.) Breakfast in a truck stop….David insisted no granola today!


Bald Eagle on Far Shore

We drove the 104 highway/transCanada…nothing much between towns but gorgeous spring trees and BIG rolling hills to travel.  The open road with nothing remotely resembling traffic…wide open!  No moose sightings yet despite signs in Maine, New Brunswick, and ocassionally in Nova Scotia (that is where we are now).  Our motorhome takes the hills like a champ.

I checked prices on two items today in the Atlantic Super Store (big grocery store)….Milk $7.99 per gallon (and the exchange rate is pretty much even….1.01 canada $ = $1 US) and lettuce $3.99…yikes.  I am really glad I stuffed the trailer full of pantry supplies (just add chicken here or there, lots of veggies).


Panoramic of Mike's Landing

Last night I noticed our exhaust fan for the stove was not working.  David checked it out and discovered that the original wiring was faulty and since it is 12 volt it was running backwards and not pulling air out of the motorhome.  So we had to get parts to fix that.  Our shower head was not shutting off all the way so we were wasting precious water (when boondocking/dry camping)…so we got another showerhead which was slightly better but not perfect.  Windshield wiper…replacement procured.  Organizational things to help us get used to using this unit and make it work for us.  I still am not happy with the lack of counterspace in the kitchen….that fix is coming…need to find a countertop extension….maybe two? We were intending to boondock/dry camp but there didn’t appear to be any place in Cheticamp town…maybe if we had waited for a few more hours when darkness had fallen but we had some Organizing to do in rv….so we pay.

Glenora Distillery
We had a nice dinner in the Glenora Distillery in Glenville before driving up to Cheticamp.  Pricey but I had an absolutely delicious fish chowder there.  David’s sundried tomato pesto & pasta was tastey. 
Warm day today…maybe even low 70’s not expecting that…sun in late afternoon…first we have seen that since day 1.

 Setting up for some hiking in Cape Breton Highlands National Park.

We had originally thought that this would be a once in lifetime rv trip for us but now are realizing that we will probably come back!


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