Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Tallahassee Rv Park and the trip home

We spent our last weekend in Florida in Tallahasssee at the Tallahassee Rv Park. Having never been to Tallahassee before were were pleasantly surprised. We both expected a larger city.... the surprise was good. It was also hilly (the foot of the Appalacians they tell us).

For this year our winter rving in FLorida is done...there is always next year!

The ride back home to New York is never fun. The ride from Tallahasee to Virgina was fine. Our first night was spent in the Georgia Welcome center which had a somewhat separate area for rv’s…that is always a good thing unless you want to listen to tractor trailer engines all night or sniff fumes. The second night was spent in the Chesapeake
Rest Area in Maryland. Georgia gets the award for the best part of I- 95…three lanes and well surfaced. Viriginia gets the thumbs down award for its share of I-95. It was quite rough and bouncy. Not only that, they are pushing to put tolls on their portion of I-95. Vote no tolls
We chose to begin the trek through the Washington DC/Baltimore Corridor around 9 pm at night and planned it accordingly. Unfortunately, that still wasn’t late enough for me;
Still a lot of cars but no one near the chaos of rush hour. AND, they were doing some construction in both directions but we only got minorly inconvenienced; others weren’t so lucky as evidence by the stop and go traffic.

RESOLVED: next year I am going up route 81 and avoiding the whole mess.
An uneventful ride home.

NOW we work earnestly to prepare for our 63 day trip to the Atlantic Provinces in Canada to commence May 20th

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