Sunday, April 28, 2013

Planning our trip to the Canadian Maritimes/Atlantic Provinces

On this trip we are going to be taking our rv to New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Newfoundland, Labrador and down through Quebec. We knew this was going to be a big trip for us with many miles traveled along the way. Despite us being frugal Rv travelers, we knew it was going to cost us. How could we cut some costs and still have a great time?

First: money exchange. We determined early on that Canada had TD Banks branches and thus having money in a TD Bank would save exchange/international fees. It so happens that there are also TD Bank branches in Florida and in New York (lucky us)…so we are now TD Bank customers! We can hit ATM’s in NB, NS, NL….but not.labrador. We also let TD bank know that we would be travelling and where so they could mark our records. This was so we would not be shut down.

Second: We noticed that provincial parks and campgrounds in general were going to cost us big time. We had just Purchased a new-to-us 2005 Class C (funmobile) so we decided that we would mostly boondock or dry camp.  Camping really just doesn't need to cost that much when you are self contained.  We were only going to sleep in them...mostly we are hiking other places.  Campgrounds would only be used every 4 – 6 days to dump, do laundry, get fresh water etc.

Third: Food. Food was going to cost us more there (not too many walmarts and ZERO Superwalmarts) So we were going to bring all our own pantry items to supplement our food intake (no we are not resorting to ramen!). Veggies…will I find them (besides potatoes)? I am mostly a vegetarian so this is going to be really interesting…not expecting much in the veggie department (please surprise me). Dinner out would be only occasional and at restaurants that warrant it (tripadvisor reviews).

The two of us sat down and figured out the number of days we could afford to not be working,
Approximated the mileage based on a estimated route and then added more…checked gas pricing (OUCH) and then set an approximate budget (frugal but generous if that makes any sense)…we won’t go over this budget.  We were off an running…over a period of six months we gleaned information as to what to see and do…we are ready to take our rv travelling in Newfoundland, Labrador, New Brunswick, and Nova Scotia.

Come join us while we take our rv motorhome on an adventure in the Atlantic Provinces with some stops along the way in the Canadian Maritime Provinces!  You don't need a caravan tour to do this trip either!

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