Friday, April 12, 2013

Sunset Isle Rv Park, Cedar Key, FL

 We had a show to do in Cedar Key, Florida so we booked into
Sunset Isle Rv Park. This was our second visit so it was
obviously nice enough for a return. The rv park is located
about 1.3 miles from the town of Cedar Key. The Sunset Isle
RV Park fits a lot of rv's on its plot of land especially
the weekend of the art show. The facilities are old but they
work hard at keeping them clean and decoratively painted.

The on premises cafe "Ada Blue" serves meals...a decent breakfast
(fattening, of course). Lunch/dinner is sandwiches and hamburgers
and hotdogs. Fudge is made on the premises and we did enjoy some
of it. The rv campsites are CLOSE like any other private campground.
Bathhouse rooms are old but well kept and clean. Laundry facilities
on site.

Cedar Key is a very small community in Florida on the west coast.
The folks that live here survive on clamming, oystering, and other
fishy occupations. I guess you could call it quaint...a sleepy little
town. Last year we spent a week there and that was maybe a long
time even though two days were occupied by the Old Florida Celebration
of the Arts. Nice little show that is usually in April...bring
your wallet. We could call our week... restful and relaxing. It
certainly was quiet. We biked all over and exhausted most options.

Bugs, the no-see-ums were bad the day we arrived. Like stay in your
trailer bad or dowse yourself with bug repellent. We noticed a truck
came through the campground a day later spraying to get rid of the
bugs...glad I wasn't grilling warning!

We enjoyed our stays in Cedar Key but I wouldn't travel a long distance to spend a long time here.  We found that camping here in our RV for maybe 4 or 5 nights would be long enough unless you are in a REAL need for relaxing.


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